A shoot with a brief.

Mark and victoriaMark called me up a couple of weeks ago and said something along the lines of, I want you on board for this black and white movie inspired shoot.
Always up for something I haven’t tried before, I said yes with no hesitation.
‘Oh by the way’, says Mark ‘ Can you get a location for us…’

With three days to go before the shoot and all the running around and phone calls having come to nought, my good friend Charli at the Big Strawberry veggie caff in Hanley says yes, we can shoot there. Phew! They have a lovely piano, something I can mock up as a bar and a couple of other options. And the best host for a shoot you can imagine. Thanks Charli for feeding and watering us.

With 24 hours to go something unfortunate happens for the female lead who was scheduled to work with us and Mark had to dig into his black book for an emergency replacement. Victoria said yes. Everything is in place.

It was a little unnerving, not having shot there before, but the fates smiled a great big grin.
A room had been vacated that day with a New York skyline on the wall. What a shame!

Here’s Victoria being a little cheeky as we warm up.

I can really reccomend her as a model, she has the right can do attitude.

Hair is by a lovely lady by the name of Jean who it was also my first time working with.

Lots of new stuff on this shoot!

As ever, click the images, they grow bigger.

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As ever, call me to arrange your own shoot.


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