Timing is everything when it comes to photographing stage juggling.
Off the two different theories of how to get the perfect moment, I much prefer the clean ‘one shot’ sniper approach. That way I know what I’m getting.

The, much-harder-to-do-well, ‘spray and pray’ approach is just too much, well, ‘pray’ for me.
I’m sure, with practice, it is possible to time your burst so that you never miss the key frame. Leaving you with a beautiful sequence of photos.
Miss the key frame though and you are left with nothing.

In these shots we have Ian Marchant flipping a tray under a tea set. It’s a one shot trick. No pressure then…

Below Charlie’s hoop act gives me at least a second or two to think about, frame and execute the shot that I want. Much more relaxed!
For this, I was looking to have a clear face and the two lower hoops isolated from the rest, all forming a pleasing pattern.

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