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An actor’s headshot for Spotlight.

The brief: A Spotlight actors headshot. This entails: No dramatic lighting. Damn. No Photoshop. Double damn. I’m actually going to have to take a real photograph here! Nobody warned me that this might happen! Who’d have thought that ‘vanilla’ photography … Continue reading

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In praise of DIY.

I’m pushed for space in my studio. Softboxes aren’t good for me. But I want to be able to get a light that’s similar. My answer was to build some striplights and a beauty dish. These mount onto my flash … Continue reading

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Rethink your photography and get the results you want.

A backwards look at the basics of photography.   Introduction This is a reworking of a reply on  forum I made to a photographer looking to improve his photography. (on ) It asks questions that I can’t answer specifically. … Continue reading

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