In praise of DIY.

I’m pushed for space in my studio.
Softboxes aren’t good for me.
But I want to be able to get a light that’s similar.

My answer was to build some striplights and a beauty dish.

These mount onto my flash heads, but take up next to no space. Do they work?
Yes. Very, very, well indeed. Better, they also give some rather lovely and unusual possibilities.
There will be more to come on that.

Meanwhile, here’s a typical set-up and end result. It’s an easy 3 light portrait, beauty dish as key, almost full in the face, ‘striplight 1′ as hair/seperator and ‘striplight 2′ to put a gentle gradient on the background.

The beauty of this highly portable arrangement is that it will fit together in almost any room and still give a big studio feel to the image.

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