An actor’s headshot for Spotlight.

The brief: A Spotlight actors headshot.

This entails:

No dramatic lighting. Damn.

No Photoshop. Double damn.

I’m actually going to have to take a real photograph here! Nobody warned me that this might happen!

Who’d have thought that ‘vanilla’ photography could be so hard!

This is partly what yesterdays lighting post was about, but that only told half the story.

Now I have to get Mark to produce the goods. A neutral expression is pretty easily covered, but the lightweight smiling shot we want is proving a little problematical. That good old camera grimace is creeping in…

I do however have a secret weapon in my drawer here. It’s a tiny Nerf gun.

It turns out Mark responds well to being shot in more than one sense. Insert evil cackle here.

I try and keep my photo shoots fun as well as productive!

Spotlight headshot sessions are £150. Book yours today.

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