You’re never too old!

Older Unicyclist coming from a cloud.

John never did figure out that thing about acting his age!

John is a star. He became addicted to the circus arts late in life. He’s now master of a whole range of vaudeville skills. Including unicycling.

His son, Jamie, caught the bug early and seems to have passed it on. I blame the hours sat watching from the sidelines at juggling workshops and conventions. Finally he had to join in the fun. I am of course, as a circus boy myself, completely biased on the subject.

As John is cracking on a bit in the years department now, it was suggested I create a memento collection of images ‘whilst I can still do it’, as John put it.

It’s been one of the best projects I’ve been involved in to date. John’s huge enthusiasm during the shoot gave us some great results. Even my constant requests for repeats of tricks to get everything ‘just so’ were always met with smiles. It may have helped that I’d found a spectacular house and gardens as a venue.

The jacket has a lovely story behind it too, but that’s for another time…

As ever, click the images and they get bigger.

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