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Toni and Andy’s wedding.

These guys Rock. That’s why Kiss brough the bridesmaids down the aisle… Full album here. Share

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Here be Dragons!

After a recent house fire, that completely gutted the property, this dragon was removed to safety while the roof (and interior of the house) was rebuilt. It was a good opportunity to get close to such a rare beast. So … Continue reading

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Life from decay.

Ok so this is no beehive in a dead lion, but I live in Stoke on Trent, so we’ll have to settle for pigeons in a pottery.   I’m putting together a sequence of local landscapes that I can set … Continue reading

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You’re never too old!

John is a star. He became addicted to the circus arts late in life. He’s now master of a whole range of vaudeville skills. Including unicycling. His son, Jamie, caught the bug early and seems to have passed it on. … Continue reading

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A panoramic view from the Roaches.

This one really needs to be seen as a big print. About three feet across should do it! But for now, settle for clicking on it and enjoy it at a larger size. The Roaches looming darkly to the left, … Continue reading

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