Wildlife and Landscapes.

  • Dawn over Sheppey. Taken from a yacht moored of Queensferry. Some days just start well!
  • Goslings I Spring, down by the lake. The race for the breadcrumbs is on...
  • Red Darter Dragonfly Ferocious predator this. I'd be scared if it wasn't only three inches long!
  • Alone. Why is peace so hard to find?
  • The big smoke. There's no mistaking where this one was shot, if only I could have found a red phone box and a friendly bobby, this image would be complete!
  • In the woods, Can you see the bear hiding behind the tree? No? That's because it's very, very good at hiding!
  • Walk Mill canal. This water drives the watermill that grinds the flour that I bake into my bread. Walk Mill in Cheshire.
  • Just goosing around. Friendly locals at the nearby lake.
  • Red Kite Flying Taken at the RSPB Gigrin Farm feeding station in Wales.
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